High Performance Computing: TARA HPC 101


หมายเลขหลักสูตร HPC101
ชื่อหลักสูตร High Performance Computing: TARA HPC 101
หน่วยงาน ThaiSC
วันที่เรียน 7 ม.ค. 2564
คำสำคัญ High Performance Computing, HPC, TARA, Supercomputer


About This Course

This course covers the following content :

  • How to access TARA
  • File transfer
  • Working environment
  • TARA utilities
  • Running your job
  • Monitoring your job
  • Checking your output
  • Basic examples

However, this course does NOT cover :

  • How to run any specific applications
  • How to efficiently use the computing resources

This course DOES NOT include how to retrieve an account for TARA.


No requirement is required. However, the knowledge of basic Linux command is plus.

Hours of Effort

VDOs are 2 hours

Total estimated effort : 3 to 5 hours

Course Staff

ThaiSC team


Please contact us at thaisc.io or email us at thaisc-training@nstda.or.th